Lessons tailored entirely to your level of experience, your tastes and your goals


Have you ever dreamt of being able to pluck your favourite soulful folk ballad? Or jam out an amazing Electric Guitar solo? Do you want to play along with other Musicians but have never been able to get your head around the magic that seems to be taking place?

Maybe your confidence was dented because you tried to teach yourself or have had lessons in the past that didn’t go anywhere? Does your child show an interest/aptitude for music that you would like to help them develop?

The truth is anyone can play a musical instrument in whatever way they want!, perhaps that sounds like a grandiose claim but truly all it takes is the desire to do it and the right person to steer and nurture that desire. I’ve seen it happen and have had the privilege of being a part of that process.

The Three Pillars of Music Tuition

Although the Three Pillars and the various learning types apply to all people and age groups there is a slightly different approach to be taken when teaching Young Learners which differs from that used with Adult Learners:


Expanding your Repertoire

The reason we learn an instrument, to make music! This areas focus is on learning actual songs and if done right can be used to include all three of the Pillars at once – song choice would be based on specific songs you want to learn and your ability level at a given time.


The Theory behind the Music

Knowing even basic Theory is the difference between being given a fish and being taught how to fish for yourself! It allows you to understand why your doing the things your doing and can aid the learning process massively, helping you to recognise shapes and patterns on the Guitar that can help in areas like playing/jamming with other musicians; how far we go into music theory is, again, upto you (although I would definitely recommend covering some for the reasons above!)


Development of Technical Ability

This will involve encompass proper posture, how to hold a guitar, how to properly hold a note, chords, tips on how to get the most out of your practice sessions, what bad habits to avoid as well as more advanced techniques such as Sweep Picking, Tremolo picking and more depending on your level of ability and personal goals.

My lessons utilise all three of these recognised learning styles and I as a tutor will be looking to customise the lessons based on what method or combination of methods suits you best, this is what I mean when I say THEY ARE YOUR LESSONS, AND ARE ENTIRELY TAILORED TO YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE, YOUR TASTES AND YOUR GOALS!…

This is the philosophy HUBRIS music is based on, we believe you can do it and as long as you have the desire, its our job to help channel that desire in the right direction – to build confidence, belief and skill as a result.

Although the structure of your lessons will develop over time based on you the learner, the above and below is the scaffolding upon which that learning will be hung.

Chances are that if you tried and failed, it wasn’t your fault, it was the result of somebody not recognising the type of learner you are or not driving the lesson in a manner you were able to focus on and process – we are all different types of learner be it kinaesthetic (learning best through “hands on” experience), visual (looking at graphics, watching a demonstration or reading would help optimise your learning) or auditory (reciting information out loud or listening to explanations would work best here) everybody has a preference for one or a combination of the above learning styles, most of the time, without realising it.

Do you want to fine tune your practice sessions? Would you like to add abit of variety to those outdated licks and phrases? Tired of using the same scale in the same static position OR ever wondered how professionals seamlessly blend sweep picking, legato and tapping phrases into their improvisations on the spur of the moment? Do you want to break your Speed Barrier?

If you’re already a seasoned veteran of the Guitar but have hit a musical brick wall then why not see what a Grade 8, professional level Guitar player with over 20 yrs of experience can offer you.

There’s never a better time than now to finally take that step and turn desire into reality.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Matt (HUBRISmusic)
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