Yes, theres 3 options for lessons 1hr, 45mins and 30mins…

For your first lesson you’re free to choose any option from the above and the first 30mins is free (meaning you could choose an hour and the first 30mins of it would be free OR you could choose a 30min lesson and it would be completely free of charge).

There are both Group and 1 to 1 lessons available.

  1. Yes, theres no pressure to do exams but if someone chooses to target them as a goal theres a range to choose from. (ABRSM, Trinity, Acoustic, Electric RockSchool).
  2. Theory Exams (both Piano and Guitar) are available also.
  3. We would normally cover at least some of the exam stuff as we go regardless (its good foundational stuff and also it means its there in case you decide to do an exam in the future) but it need’nt be a focus unless thats your aim.

For Piano, absolutely Yes, For Guitar, to some degree we will always cover reading notes, depending on your personal goals we can either go in depth or provide a general overview and move on (for someone wanting to do a Classical Grading for example we would need to go in depth).

Yes on both Piano and Guitar.



Theres a range of different styles to chose from and learn, Classical and Flamenco technique is covered aswell as Pop, Folk, Rock and Electric Guitar techniques.